Upper part easily removable 
High data integrity and low material volume due to crosscut technology 
Motor is thermal saved from overheating 
Automatic start/stop function 
Reverse function 
Stops automatically when the basket is full 
Compact and space saving design

Product ID Product Name Specification
BLS 1012X BLS 1012X

Product Specification

Artide number: 42500158 05411
Throat width: Approx. 225mm
baskek capacity: Approx. 23.6 liters
Performance : up to 12 sheets (70 gsm paper)
cutting consumption voltage: 4x40 mm crosscut, 3(DIN 32757)
Power consumption security level: 415 watts, 220 volts
color: black
Product dimensions (length x width x height): approx. 350 x 250 x 425 mm
Product weight: approx. 7.3 kg
Selling unit dimensions (length x width x height): approx. 360 x 255 x 405 mm
Selling unit weight: approx. 8.2 kg
EAN selling unit: 42500158 0541 4
Amount of units pere euro-pallet: 32 pcs.
Accessories: oil artide 4250015802236

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