Time card package multi-terminal
This is your employee time tracking simple, flexible and wireless.
The ideal solution for small and medium businesses, that wants to start with high standards in operational time recording. With a few simple steps, the system with the multi-terminal RFID and the software is ready to use!
Both the terminal and the software are self-explanatory and easy to use. The delivery of data to the PC via network, In case of power failure the internal memory of the terminal secures up to 7,000 entries. The time bookings are made by RFID transponder.
Time card is always the right solution - whether 3, 30 or 300 employees should be managed. And by the modular structure remains the flexibility guaranteed.

  • Time card time attendance software on CD
  • 25 RFID tags and employee licenses
  • Integrated network connector
  • Optional RFID cards or transponders

 Functions of time tracking software (standard equipment)

  • Actual time / set time / flexi time
  • In / Out Automatic
  • Monthly overview (Print / Export)
  • Password protection
  • Presence / absence
  • Variable start of the day
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