We’ve uncompromisingly developed the Frama Folder P700 for office life, which is why it also operates so quietly.

Thanks to its dependable electronics, the control panel for selecting folding mode’s and the LCD display with clear pre-select and piece count information makes it easy and convenient to use. 

The Frama Folder P700 is designed to be extraordinarily user-friendly. Unpack it, turn it on experience your enthusiasm growing for this all-rounder.

5 types of folds, 4 formats, 3 folding modes

Compact and handy like the Folder P700. Alongside with your Folder P700 you receive an exclusive Swiss Knife (* as long as stocks last).

LongLifeRollers™ - special durable paper feed that offer an excellent grip for varying paper quality.

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- Self Installation

The Frama Folder P700 at a glance: 
3 folding modes:
Stack folding (single sheet) 
Daily Post mode for multi-sheet folding up to 4 sheets (with/without stapling) 
Batch mode (produce sets, e.g. 10, 10, 10) 
Folding performance up to 5,200 sheets per hour 
Daily Post mode for multi-sheet folding up to 4 sheets 
Paper format [DIN] 
DIN A5, A4 and even DIN A3, slightly higher fold tolerance with DIN A3 
Simplest installation and operation 
5 types of folds: 
Single fold, C-fold, Z-fold, Double fold, Window fold 
Control panel with LCD display for pre-selection and piece counter 

Paper weights 60 – 150 g/m2 (gsm) 

Automatic paper weight setting (Frama SingleFeed)
Paper out (automatic stop) 
High-quality, robust aluminium construction 
Power supply - External network
Product ID Product Name Specification
FOLDER-P700 PAPER FOLDER P700 Dimensions
Storage mode: 
440 mm wide x 270 mm deep x 250 mm high 

Work mode: 440 mm wide x 390 mm deep x 450 mm high 
Weight: 10.5 kg
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