Maximum digital, maximum comfort and maximum speed! That's modular. 
That's 100% Mailmax.
Everything you need, today and tomorrow is already integrated in the Mailmax system.
Including automatic date-change, franking cost statistics, easily changed advertising messages, as well as (where the Post requires it) barcode printing and remote credit loading per modem.
Mailmax means the latest in digital franking technology, all the way from the user-friendly exclusive Touch-Screen to the top quality ink-jet printing system. Modular, step by step, from the basic Mailmax I to the fully automatic Mailmax II franking system

Product ID Product Name Specification
    1. Up to 4,000 franking per hour 
    2. 8mm letter thickness 
    3. Freely programmable fixed values 
    4. Tariff calculation program 
    5. 250 password-protected cost-centers with reset-table value- and item-counters
    6. 8 advertising clichés 
    7. Automatic date-change 
    8. Programmable high-value blocking
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