• Capable of delivering high-speed verification performance of matching 3,000 fingerprints per second.
• Scalable internal memory with up to 40,000 fingerprint templates and 200,000 event logs.
• Advanced touch sensor keypad provides user-friendly experience.
• Higher security with template-on-card feature.
• Support Wi-Fi - administrator can access remotely.
• Backup system data can be stored in a USB flash memory.
• Different alarm triggers - device tampering, alarm finger (for emergency) and forced door-opening.
• Customizable identity verification modes for access control, with the combination of fingerprint, PIN and RF card (Mifare card).

RCG i9 Technical Specifications
Fingerprint Template: 40,000
Transaction Capacity: 200,000
Identification: 1:1, 1:N Sensor Optical sensor Verification Time ≤1 second (1:1 matching)
FAR: Adjustable
FRR: Adjustable
Access Mode: Card Only, ID/Card + FP+PIN, ID/Card + FP, ID/Card + PIN, Card + FP + PIN, ID + FP, Card + FP,
Card + PIN, FP + PIN, FP Only
Language: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Custom
Communication Protocol: TCP/IP, RS485/232, USB, Wiegand
Power: DC 12V
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C
Operating Humidity: RH 10% ~ 90%
Dimensions: 147 x 128.5 x 52 mm (width x length x depth)
Alarm: Tamper Alarm, Alarm Finger, Forced Door-Opening Alarm
Other Features: Mifare Module, Intercom(Optional)

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