Date & Time Stamping Machine TP20

Enhanced memory device.
The perpetual calendar : Year up to 2099, Automatically adjusted to leap years, 31 day months and months with thirty or fewer days, and the day of week.
2 options for print direction, left and right.
3 options for print activation: Automatic, manual and combination.
Daylight saving time setting.
Provided eight digits serial number for choosing. And the maximum of nine times printing.
29 types of printing format.
Selectable format and alphabets. At most 31 characters for print.
Selectable printing format:Printing format of 2 digits or 4 digits optional, Optional sub-format printing 1/60、1/100、1/20、1/10.
4 digits password for program protection.
13 selectable preset text.
Could reset the printing schedule everyday for print *, at most 48 settings.
The machine may hang on the wall or the table.
Internal buzzer and external signals (optional).
Full power reserve (optional).
Dimensions:156mm(W)X 187mm(H)X 174mm(D)
Temperature:-5℃ ~ 40℃
Humidity:40% ~ 80%

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