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The REINER 880 electro-stamp combines modern design with outstanding functionality. So easy to use; so fast to print; any stamping requirement is so readily accommodated, to speed your work flow!

  • Prints line with automatic numbering, date, time and selection of texts
  • The large textplate 62 x 40 mm permits much engraving, e.g. logos, validations and signatures
  • Adjustable character widths, max. 35 characters per line, max. print width 60 mm
  • Quick, easy change of textplate
  • Simple menu selections with the user friendly LCD-display
  • 37 stored print combinations for time, date and number, easy to select
  • Stored texts in 16 European languages
  • Integrated ChipCard reader
  • You can print anywhere on an A4 document
  • Feed of documents is variable
  • Work thickness: max. 20 sheets of paper
  • Prints through up to 3–4 copies
  • Electronic imprint counter
  • Triggering of the print action by pressure on the feed plate, or by freely positional trip-contact
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