PD-100 multicurrency detector is more humanized products that Masterwork Automodules made for our customers, identify all fake notes more effectively, unique streamline design makes it looks exquisite and artistic, it manifested more human concern.

PD-100 single feeding detector comes with MG, IR and Color sensors, it automatically identify cash denomination, pieces, and total amount in one step, and provides outstanding detection performance to reduce the counterfeit loss. With its battery powered and lightweight design, you can take it anywhere you need; and when in use, this smallest single feeding detector saves even more space on your desk.

Equipped with sophisticated technology, and state-of-the-art software, PD-100 series is capable of authenticating currencies USD, EURO, GBP, JPY, and other specified currencies. Due to the competitive price, slim design, and accurate detection, PD-100 is absolutely the best choice for low cash flow environments.
- Portable -- Neat and slim design, easy to carry and operate, smallest size in the industry.
- Fast -- Auto feeding, at least 2 notes per second.
- Accurate -- Can discriminate value and detect very good quality counterfeits.
- Convenient-- Non-directive detection.
- Power safe -- Automatically enter the power safe mode with all information kept in memory after 10 minutes without any operation, power saving mode provides economical energy consumption and prevents from overheating.
- User friendly -- Large size LCD panel, easy to use.
- Forward/Backward banknote ejection - Provides two ejection ways, user can easily press "MODE" button to enter forward or backward mode by his/her choice.
- Efficient -- An audible and visual warning alerts you when a suspicious bill is detected; magnetic, infrared analysis (optical paper
components lead-free and meeting ROHS standard.



- Feed-out Method: Roller Type,Motorized
- Display: LCD with Backlight
- Counting Speed: 2 Notes / Sec
- Max Note Size: 185 x 82 x 0.5 (mm)
- Counterfeit Detection: Magnetic, Infrared and
- Bill Insert Direction: 4 face
- Available Currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, CNY, TWD, GBP, ZAR, TRY, IRR, MXN, CRC, NIO, PEN, COP, SEK, PLN, DKK, and other specified currencies
- Max Currencies: 12
- External Ports: Printer Interface (only support for LCD version) / PC Connection Interface (USB)
- Power Requirement: Switching Power Supply AC100~240V 50/60Hz. 4 AA batteries
- Power Consumption: Max. 10W
- Ambient Conditions: Temperature 0° ~ 40° C / Humidity 20% ~ 90% RH.
- Dimensions: 135 x 133 x 89 (mm), (L x W x H)
- Net Weight: 750g without Battery Pack
- Approvals: CE / FCC / ROHS

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